Auer Precision

tooling & automated systems

Auer Precision designs and builds tooling and automated systems for your high volume manufacturing needs. Our systems typically leverage Auer’s class-A tools and dies using both conventional press systems as well as Auer’s proprietary Ballistic™ punching system. Our systems can be constructed as scalable standalone automation or integrated with other third-party automation for high speed processing.

High Precision
Class A Dies

A recognized leading tool design and build company, Auer Precision excels at Class A, ultra-precision stamping dies. Our specialty is thin materials, both metallic and non-metallic, in the range 0.001 – 0.060″ thicknesses. A wide variety of tool designs can be supported, from single hit to progressive designs. Auer introduced the MasterDie™ with insert technology in 1995, allowing for rapid turnaround of new designs and low cost prototyping. More recently, Auer introduced Ballistic™ Dies for use in Ballistic™ Press Systems. These dies have advanced guidance and load spreading to ensure accurate clearances are maintained symmetrically around the punches to ensure maximum part capability and accuracy.

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From process development to the design of scalable, modular and flexible automation, we have the experience to meet your manufacturing needs. We have designed systems integrating our Class A tools and dies with features such as:

• Inline reel-to-reel converting
• Web vac and slug removal
• Pick and place systems and other robotics
• High accuracy servo systems
• Kiss cutting
• Precision laminating
• Feature recognition and precision alignment
• Vision inspection and data collection
• Welding

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Ballistic Punching Standard/Custom Systems

The Auer Ballistic™ Press utilizes electromagnetic solenoids to drive the upper die platen to 2-12 ft/sec velocities at the point of impact. The solenoids are driven by a high current to ensure maximum acceleration. Unconventional die design needs to be considered to best leverage this technology. The die components should sum to the lowest possible weight to maximize velocity (momentum = mass x velocity2). Non-metallic materials benefit from this technology as the thermo-elastic properties are disrupted by the ballistic piercing. Small footprint and clean room compatible, the Auer Ballistic Press™ is the pinnacle technology for many applications. Using your choice of PLC, automated process solutions become reliable and easy to operate.

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Multi-layer converting and assembly can be supported on a manual through PLC-controlled web handling. Using off-the-shelf to custom designed systems, Auer can build and measure your product.

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