Auer Precision

Microfluidic Applications Laboratory

Are you testing a new product or medical device designs? Is speed to market a priority? Here at Auer Precision, we provide a dedicated applications lab with various equipment sets and manufacturing techniques to allow for rapid prototyping at low cost. Our MasterDie™ concept with insert tooling provides production quality samples at a fraction of the cost of dedicated tooling. Leverage our extensive experience with material characterization and methods to maximize the effectiveness of your design and bring your product to market as quickly as possible.

we can help

• Laser, rotary or ballistically cut microfluidic channels and features
• Laminate multiple layers of mylar, polyester, polycarbonate, custom made
polymers, silicones, filter materials and many others
• Work with our material suppliers to acquire specialized materials for testing
• Recommend materials to achieve utility and cost efficiency in your product
• Quality inspection and product testing
• Documentation and procedure development to support ISO 13485 requirements
• Engineering feedback to take your product from prototype to high volume

Let us help you focus on what you do best, designing and selling the
next generation of diagnostic devices.

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