Auer Precision Company, Inc. Awarded the Tier 1 Supplier of the Year Award for 2014

Mesa, Az

Auer Precision, Inc., a premier provider of contract manufacturing services, has been awarded the Accelerate Diagnostics Tier 1 Supplier of the Year Award for 2014. The announcement was made by Kurt Reinhardt, Head of Operations for Accelerate, and was celebrated by a hosted luncheon held on the Auer campus.

Auer was selected as a result of its work in the development of stamping and assembly technologies for production of consumable cassettes for Accelerate’s ID/AST system. Mr. Reinhardt described the substantial unmet medical need presented by infectious disease testing which currently takes days to direct therapy for very sick patients and the opportunity presented by substantially faster testing. Accelerate’s automated microscopy analysis technology promises to reduce the time to result for these critical tests from days to 5 hours or less.

“Auer Precision is a professional, quality-conscious and solutions-oriented organization,” said Reinhardt, “They understand our needs and work diligently to meet our goals.” Darin McDaniel, Head of Manufacturing for Accelerate added, “Our supply chain is steadily improving and the time to consolidate is this year. We selected Auer based on their performance and ability to support our expected future growth.”

“Auer is both honored and humbled by the opportunity to work with Accelerate Diagnostics, a truly innovative organization that is a front runner in technology leadership,” stated A. Brent Bollong, President of Auer Precision. “This award demonstrates the progress we have made towards establishing our place in Medical Device contract manufacturing and is a testament to our organization’s value proposition with regards to Tier 1 supply chain management.”

About Auer Precision
Auer Precision Company, Inc. is a premier supplier of contract manufacturing solutions with emphasis in the medical, life sciences, alternative energy and semiconductor industries. Founded in 1972, the core competencies of precision tool design, thin film stamping with Ballistics™ technology, converting automation, metal stamping and machining. Auer provides expertise to their customers that increase the manufacturability and quality of products while reducing the overall manufacturing cost. Contact by phone at (480) 834-4637, by fax at (480) 964-8237, or at

About Accelerate Diagnostics 
Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. is an in-vitro diagnostics company focused on developing and commercializing innovative systems for the rapid identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing of infectious pathogens. The company’s revolutionary ID/AST instrument utilizes a proprietary culture-free process with both genomic and phenotypic detection technologies that significantly decreases time to result while achieving high sensitivity and specificity. For more information, visit: