Auer Precision Adds Facility Due to Growth in Medical Device Contract Manufacturing


Auer Precision, a premier provider of medical device contract manufacturing services, recently leased ~5,000 square feet of additional factory space for the production of diagnostic devices on a Tier 1 basis. Auer’s Chief Financial Officer, Michael Lolli, explained “The growth in our Medical Division has been robust. This addition to our existing 100,000 square feet of allows us to improve efficiency and quality by aggregating several operations under one roof. We also have the option to acquire additional property as our business continues to expand.”

Auer Precision has the capability of manufacturing high quality, particle free parts in ISO 14644 Class 8 to Class 5 clean room environments.

Auer Precision is a premier supplier of contract manufacturing solutions with emphasis in the medical, life sciences, alternative energy and semiconductor industries. Founded in 1972, Auer now blends the core competencies of precision tool design, thin film stamping with Ballistics™ technology, converting automation, metal stamping and machining into unique contract manufacturing services.

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