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Auer Medical Products

Medical and Life Sciences Market

Auer Precision, Inc. has 25+ years of proven product support for medical devices and over 10 years with life sciences. Our Medical Business unit develops and manufactures precision stamped or converted disposable strips and their related components and assemblies for diagnostic equipment manufacturers.  Examples of products supported include: diagnostic test strips for diabetes/prothrombin, components for non-invasive thoracic surgery, media handling for genomic assay and high precision components for ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry quadra-pole assemblies.  We are a certified ISO 13485 manufacturer.  Read more about our Microfluidic Medical Device manufacturing capabilities.  Click Here

Precision Converting

A core competency of Auer Precision focuses upon web handling, cleanliness and precision converting for stamped or punched channels and registration features. Multi-layer laminated capillary channel devices require tolerances ±0.003" or better to ensure alignment and device repeatability for low measurement error rates.

Auer Precision has manufactured over 1 billion mylar and solupor layers for IBM’s multilayer ceramic packaging lines and our tooling and automation have produced billions of point-of-care test strips. Consider Auer when rotary die or other conventional methods approach their limits of manufacturability.

Contract Manufacturing

Automation and precision tooling require skilled monitoring and maintenance to achieve highest uptime and efficiency. Auer Precision provides contract manufacturing with high customer retention, with proven product support and services. Auer also maintains a validated and certified ISO 14644 Class 7 clean room for applications requiring particulate control.

Microfluidic Apps Lab

Unique in the industry, Auer Precision invites customers and design engineers/consultants to use the services of our Microfluidics Application Laboratory. Geared to support rapid prototyping and characterization of Point-of-Care and Assay platform device prototyping. Our services include design, engineering collaboration, precision converting, laminating and extensive characterization to reduce time in the concept stage through early product development.

Design & Manufacturing Support

Our engineering and quality teams can become an extension of your technical design teams. Auer Precision works with over 200 companies each year producing on average over 500 new designs. Thin material (metal or organic) processing is our specialty with an industry leading 3-D design team and high precision equipment and metrology tools.

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