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Green Energy Contract Manufacturing

Green Technology Market

Auer Precision has enabled microturbine and solar manufacturers realize their maximum energy conversion efficiencies through optimization of manufacturing processes. A growing and important segment of the alternate energy market, Auer can assist commercialization of your product.

Folded Fin

Unique to Auer, is the ability to control the volume manufacture of fin folded Ni-rich super-alloys and high hardness stainless steels for 100kW+ microturbine heat exchange systems. Super-alloys are essential for handling the operating temperature and service lifetime requirements of these systems. Auer combines the control of sintered powder blade design with high power manufacturing centers to control the height and pitch of the convolutions.

Recuperator Manufacturing

Auer has a 10+ year history of design, development and manufacture of recuperator components for various microturbine designs. Tooling has been developed to blank foils from coiled folded fin, and process through crush, downset and trim. Weld components can be fabricated to ensure controlled paths for the bi-directional heat exchange between the inlet and exhaust gas flow paths. Consider Auer Precision when designing your next microturbine.

Solar Cell Components

Contacts, stamping systems, and electrical conduits have been provided to a wide variety of solar cell and panel manufacturers. Auer Precision’s Class A tooling and automated punching systems and extensive experience with thin material stamping provides unique competency for the manufacture of photovoltaic systems.

Nuclear Power Components

Custom alloys and high precision requirements dominate the nuclear power industry. Controlled and documented manufacturing are critical for applications ranging from valves to heat exchangers. Auer’s commitment to quality, extensive use of SPC and nearly 40 years of top rated service and delivery makes us the ideal partner for the manufacture of your critical components.

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