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Ballistic Press Automation Systems

BallisticTM Precision Stamping System

Increase the accuracy and cut quality of your polymeric and thin film based parts by using our Ballistic Precision Stamping System. 

Have you been facing the challenges of manufacturing high quality, thin film based parts with high tolerance and small features?  Does laser cutting or other technologies leave rough edges, chads or other imperfections that reduce the efficiency of your part?  If you can answered yes to any of these questions, then we have a solution that can benefit you and your manufacturing process.

Our ballistic press technology uses high velocity stamping mechanisms to overcome the stretching and tearing behaviors of polymer or other similar types of thin film material.  This mechanism produces high quality, repeatedly clean cut edges that will insure accurate performance of your part. 

"Cut Quality affects fluid flow and system measurement error..."

Ask our Sales team about the case studies we have relating to cut quality.


Our press systems are used primarily in highly automated, web managed manufacturing systems, but we now offer stand-alone systems for card based processing.  These systems are perfect for low volume start-up during the early stages of product commercialization.


System Features

Quick Changeover
Rapid Setup
Integrated Inspection
Clean Room Compatible
Ethernet Communications
Integrate with various automation platforms


Ballistc Press Enclosure



 Strokes per Minute: Up to 60 Strokes/min. 
 Stroke Lengths: Long and short for maintenance and high volume 
 Touch Screen UI: Yes 
 Actuators:  4 or 2 Actuator systems available
 Safety/Sound Enclosure: Yes
 Slug Removal Vacuum: Yes 
 Axis Adjustment: Yes for precise positioning of tooling to material 

Utility Requirements

 Power: 480 VAC 3 Phase 
 Air: 80 PSI 



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Payoff/Take Up Drives
Feed Systems
Web Tension Control
Inspection Module

Polymer Microfluidic Device Cuts


"Optimized to work with Class A Tooling"


Engineered Benefits

Noise Reduction
Guided Ram
Vibration Isolation
Tooling Axis
Full Controlled Material Web
Closed Loop Process Control
Small Foot Print (4'x4')


Ballistic Press Enclosure Closed


Contract Manufacturing

We can also provide quotes to perform contract manufacturing of your parts.  Auer Precision uses our own stamping technology to manufacture high volumes of parts each month for our contract manufacturing customers.


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