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Stamping Microfluidic Manufacturing

Microfluidic Device Manufacturing

Do you need to scale your microfluidic or medical device manufacturing?  Are you looking for an experienced supplier to take the production of your devices to the next level?  We have a team of engineering, manufacturing and support staff who can help you take your device production from concept to high volume commercialization.  One of our core competencies is making multi-layer polymeric devices, primarily for the medical industry.  With our BallisticTM Press technology we can die cut parts with the following specifications:

      Standard   Metric 
   Minimum Channel Width    .010"   .254 
   Minimum Round Hole Width    .007"   .178 
   Tolerance    ±.001"   .025 

We offer near production quality prototypes. We utilize rotary presses, laser cutting and high velocity presses for die cutting and lamination of parts with multiple layers and less demanding tolerances. We provide high precision cut quality to your devices using our Ballistic Press technology and Class A precision dies.

Here is an example of the precision and quality of the of the cuts made by our Ballistic Press technology in comparison to laser and rotary cutting technologies.

Auer's Ballistic Technology  Laser Rotary 

We provide precise film layer placement using web to web, discreet or card based lamination options. Island placement and vision inspection systems can be utilized to provide high quality parts.

When we engage with our customers, our engineering staff can provide value added engineering to help design a product for efficient production. We have helped our customers select the best polymer materials or engaged our suppliers to develop a material that is right for their use case. We have recommended quality control processes to ensure production quality and integrity to the highest degree.

We invite you to contact our sales team to see how we can add value to your manufacturing process.   

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