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Manufacturing and Assembly

Assembly and Supply Chain Management

Are you looking for ways to scale up the manufacturing of your products?  Do you currently need to reduce the cost of manufacturing your product to be more profitable or competitive?  Are you trying to take a product from its infancy to commercialization?  Auer Precision can help you to with these challenges.

We have been designated as tier 1 suppliers for several large medical device and semiconductor manufacturers.  Through our experience, we can offer the following services to meet your scaling challenges:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Assembly of Components
  • Material Supplier Partnerships to create or acquire the right materials for your application
  • Collaborative engineering to improve manufacturability
  • Inspection and Quality Trending equipment and software
  • Prototyping Lab
  • Clean Room Manufacturing
  • ISO 13485 Process Control

Leverage our skills to build any part of your product.  Let us show you how we can help you reduce your manufacturing pain points and allow you to focus on what is profitable to your business. 

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